Even though I run multiple plugins to block comment spam; some still makes it into my moderation queue. Mostly it’s annoying and boring, but this bit cracked me up.

Your site is very cognitive. I think you will have good future.

If you don’t also find this amusing, then I probably just need more caffeine this morning. 🙂

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It’s been a good week for interesting links…
From Pukka:

Not from Pukka:

Normally given the choice, I will sleep blissfully through all of Saturday morning, arising from the depths of my slumber only when the morning has past. Unfortunately, I’d gotten stuck at work Friday night till nearly 7 and so I couldn’t get the rent paid the night before. Since rent must be paid within 3 days or you get hit with a late fee and since I’ve had problems before with dropping the rent off in the night deposit box around a holiday weekend; I really needed to get the rent paid while the bank was open. So my alarm was set and awaken in the wee hours of Saturday morning I did. Ariesna decided to go along with me; so went off to the bank and successfully paid the rent and then hit up the post office.

While I was waiting in line there, an old/odd friend of ours was there as well. Elf was farther up in line than I and was trying to be friendly, but I’m not at my best during the morning particularly not during the morning before I’ve gotten some caffeine in my blood. So, I apologize Elf; I wasn’t trying to be rude/mean, I just don’t do mornings. Finally it was my turn and I got my package mailed off1. The post office was kind of nice because my favorite worker waited on me. He’s an older guy who’s always nice and has a smile for everyone. Plus, he seems to take some real pride in his work and his appearance; as I’ve never seen him show up looking sloppy (like most of his co-workers do).

I stayed up way too damn late last night so I could finish watching the end of PlanetES1, so this morning I stopped by the Terrapin and got something to drink. My usual drink is their “Grand Canyon”, which is 2 shots of espresso, a shot of chocolate, a shot of mango and steamed milk. Today, I decided to try something different and while it was good; for the sake of my stomach lining, I’m not planning on ever ordering it again. I got an Honest Terrapin Sunrise. That’s 3 shots of piping-hot espresso layered on top of a glass of ice-cold orange juice.

Naturally, I had to get this to go and to do that; they stick it in a plastic cup (since the majority of the drink is the OJ) with a lid and a straw. Personally, I think they should have used the paper cups with the sipping lid that most of the coffee drinks come in because I think the idea of the Sunrise is to slam down the espresso & chase it with the OJ. And that idea is defeated by putting a straw in the drink that bypasses the espresso and makes you drink the OJ first. As soon as I was safely back in the office, I removed the lid and started to drink the Sunrise as “God intended it to be drunk”. *grin*

It’s an unusual sensation because the OJ cools the espresso and raises the acidity of the drink considerably. Also, the espresso and OJ do start to mix into one another as you drink it. This forms a layer of slightly-warm , bitter OJ on your tongue. It’s not as unpleasant as that might sound but the Sunrise is definitely an acquired taste, which I could not recommend to everyone (unlike say the Grand Canyon which just rocks my world).

It sounds bizarre but the caffeine of the espresso combined with the vitamin C & natural sugars in the OJ really helps to wake you up. Of course, it’s been a couple of hours since I drank it and it’s beginning to wear off now, which is bad. On the other hand, I’m just about ready to head out to lunch; so I should be able to pick something else up to help me get through the rest of my head, which is good.

1A very good series that starts off weak (too much comedy/slapstickishness) but ends much stronger with several very good heartstring tuggin’ episodes. For the most part, each episode stands by itself but uses information in previous episodes to build the story. Unfortunately, the last 6 episodes or so seem to be more tightly integrated and I’m missing 22 & 23; which puts a massive gap into the story for me. This is one that I will strongly consider purchasing once it’s available in the US (my current copies are all fansubs).

As usual, I stayed up later than I really should have last night and it was making it hard to concentrate on the defects I’ve been testing this morning. I checked my IM list and all my break-buddies* are out of the office today. I said to hell heck with this and trotted over to the Terrapin. I knew they’d been doing good business but usually my timing it better and all the customers already have their coffee and are sitting down drinking it, rather than standing 10 deep in line waiting to get served. I finally get up the counter and order my regular, the Grand Canyon (2 shots of espresso, steamed milk, a dash of chocolate syrup and a a dash of mango syrup). I had to wait a few minutes to get my drink and as I’m standing there; I can feel myself relax as I’m inhaling that wonderful fragerence of fresh coffee. Ahhhh, life (with caffeine) is good. 🙂

After a few minutes, –mostly spent avoiding the 3 year old running around playing with a straw while her mom was yakking away on the phone– my Grand Canyon was ready and I went back to work. At first I was slowly sipping the coffee, trying to make it last, but before I knew it I was taking full swallows and now I’m reduced to licking the remains out of the cup. *sigh*

Oh well, at least I no longer feel like I’m going to fall asleep over my keyboard and should be able to get some real work done. Speaking of which, it’s time I got back to it.

* Break-Buddy -ies: (noun) A co-worker who you are willing to spend time talking to or just hanging around with during your coffee and/or smoke breaks.