Normally given the choice, I will sleep blissfully through all of Saturday morning, arising from the depths of my slumber only when the morning has past. Unfortunately, I’d gotten stuck at work Friday night till nearly 7 and so I couldn’t get the rent paid the night before. Since rent must be paid within 3 days or you get hit with a late fee and since I’ve had problems before with dropping the rent off in the night deposit box around a holiday weekend; I really needed to get the rent paid while the bank was open. So my alarm was set and awaken in the wee hours of Saturday morning I did. Ariesna decided to go along with me; so went off to the bank and successfully paid the rent and then hit up the post office.

While I was waiting in line there, an old/odd friend of ours was there as well. Elf was farther up in line than I and was trying to be friendly, but I’m not at my best during the morning particularly not during the morning before I’ve gotten some caffeine in my blood. So, I apologize Elf; I wasn’t trying to be rude/mean, I just don’t do mornings. Finally it was my turn and I got my package mailed off1. The post office was kind of nice because my favorite worker waited on me. He’s an older guy who’s always nice and has a smile for everyone. Plus, he seems to take some real pride in his work and his appearance; as I’ve never seen him show up looking sloppy (like most of his co-workers do).

Anyway after leaving the post office, we went over to the Terrapin and had some breakfast (muffin & Redwood espresso for her, croissant & Grand Canyon for me). While we were sitting their enjoying our coffee; we saw Robert (one of the brothers who owns/runs the place) and said hello. He mentioned that the 2 of us sitting their eating our breakfast were looking happier than happy. Having that sort of breakfast there does make me happy because the place is so warm & inviting and the coffee is just fantastic! Robert than took off to talk to pretty much everybody else in the shop (something he always does) and we went back to just enjoying our coffee. While we were sitting there; I saw somebody who looked like a former employee of my company. The main reason I somewhat remembered him was he started maybe a year after I had and then quit after a couple of months because the company wouldn’t give him a leave of absense, when an opportunity came up for him to go to Scotland for something like a month. When he left; he gave him his Minister of Silly Walks poster which I still have hanging up next to my cubical. We chatted with him for a while and he’s certainly had an interesting time since leaving the company. Besides Scotland, he’s been over to Mongolia and is working/living mostly in Korea now teaching English. After a nice chat, we finished our breakfast and headed out.

Just as I was starting to back the car out of the parking spot, Robert came running out waving at us to stop. I did, Ariesna rolled down her window and Robert asked if we might have a torq screwdriver. He was trying to repair one of his espresso machines and needed one to get it open. He didn’t have one, but thought we might (probably because he knows I work on computers). I told him I’d check and let him know. He offered a free coffee in exchange; Ariesna tried to say that wouldn’t be necessary, but I cut her off and told him it was a deal. 🙂 Hey, what can I say? I love their coffee!

We went home and checked our tools, but we didn’t have any; so I called over at my Mom’s house and asked if I could go through Dad’s old tools. She let me and we found a set of hex keys and a couple of torq screwdrivers. I took the lot with me in my toolbox because I didn’t know what size Robert would need. When I got back to the Terrapin; Robert was outside chatting with his mom and a lady who turns out to be a neighbor of my Mom.

Saturday was definitely showing me what a small world we live in and that Terrapin is apparently the central nexus of it.

I sat down with them to let Robert do through what I had. He selected one of the torq screwdrivers and then asked what kind of coffee I wanted. My mind froze up a bit as I’d already had my regular and I couldn’t recall what all else they had that I’d like to try. Robert suggested their DaVinci which is 2 shots of espresso, steamed milk, white chocolate syrup, vanilla syrup (not sure about this ingredient, have to go back and double check) and real caramel melted at the bottom of the glass. He got up to go get it for me; I started to follow but he said I should just stay there and relax since I was already doing him a favor.

Actually, what I was thinking is that I’d head with him to see the broken espresso machine and watch him work on it while sipping my coffee. Instead, I got to spend some time chatting with his mom & the lady is my Mom’s neighbor. Robert disappeared for a while after bringing my coffee (which although very sugarly was delicious). When he came back, I asked if the tool worked for him. He looked somewhat stunned for a moment and said that he hadn’t tried it yet; he’d stopped to talk to somebody and… Then Mom’s neighbor chimed in that he didn’t have to say anything more than he stopped to talk; as we all know him well enough to understand that means he got distracted. I left the Terrapin shortly after that, leaving the one screwdriver with Robert and taking the rest back to Mom.

I helped Mom with her computer for a while and then we looked over her plants for a bit. I took a few pictures2 of her flowers which were looking wonderful and all fresh & clean since it had been raining all day (a light sprinkle, misty sort of rain).

I didn’t stay very long, as it was getting to be afternoon and we had plans to meet up with some friends at Aizuchi & Komainu‘s house to make characters for next RPG we’re gonna play. So I headed home, woke Ariesna up and we headed over to A&K’s place. There was lots & lots of talking about what different people would be playing and suggestions were shouted back & forth across the room constantly. It looks like L (who’s just joining our group on this game) will be interesting to have around but I wonder if she’s been working in audiology too long and thinks the rest of the world is hard of hearing, because she was rather loud. Ah well, no need to worry about such things as she’s fun to have around (same L from Davenport and our guide to the tea shop, as mentioned previously).

As we finished up planning our characters and setting a date for the next session (which oddly enough will be before the Japan trip) “Unknown Bob” showed up (he’s really a friend of A&K). This event was followed by more & louder talking. During which L snuck off to get herself some carryout Chinese food. After a while, some of the rest of us headed over to the mall’s food court and got some dinner. AWelkin, Ariesna & myself got food from Mondo’s Bread Garden. Mine was a Chicken BLT sandwich on some funky bread and was very tasty. Ariesna & I also got some tortellini salad which wasn’t bad but not something I’ll be ordering again.

After we finished eating, we headed back to A&K’s to watch a movie that “Unknown Bob” made as an adapation of Dorothy Parker’s “The Game”. It was kind of fun, though A’s sound system was having problems with the audio at the begining. Oh and the actress who played Thelma made her seem capable of great & most vicious evil deeds. I had a good time watching it and then there was more conversation about what really happens in the story; but since it was a short, nobody knows for sure and you’re left to guess. We had to leave not to long after that as we were somewhat tired and needed to do some grocery shopping for the 4th (gotta have some watermellon with your fireworks).

After getting the watermellon from the store; I sat down to update my blog here and dink around the computer for a bit when something occured to me. See, back when we went up to Davenport; at the end of the night, L gave me a bottle of Scotch that we won at the Robert Burns supper put on by H.A.G.G.I.S. She doesn’t drink Scotch, but I do and when she gave that to us; we promised her a bottle of honey mead in return as that is something she’ll drink. Also, a while back Ariesna & I were enjoying an afternoon over in downtown Iowa City and stopped in “Dirty Jon’s” where we picked up a bottle of honey mead for L. So while I was sitting her last night, I suddenly remmbered that we had this for her and didn’t give it to her. So I quickly called over to A&K’s to see if L was still there; she was. So I hurried over with the bottle, intending to leave immediately but L decided to open it and offered to share. I’d never had honey mead before and decided to stick around to try a bit. It was good stuff but much stronger than I had imagined it would be. *whew* Still, it’s definately something that I’d be willing to drink again. Anyway, I got to hurry back (the family’s already started in on the brats without me).

1 There’s a rant behind that package which I’ll go into another time.
2 Yes, the photos were taken with my digital camera. However, I’m not posting them yet as I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do that with WP.

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