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Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Yup, I finally went and saw this wretched bit of crap that Lucas put out. It was less horrifically bad than I had anticipated but still failed to be a good movie. The dialog was cheesy and the acting wooden. In particular “Annie” aka Darth Vader blew chunks, though he did get slightly better once he was in the Vader suit. To be fair though, the special effects were kind of nice; nothing particularlly innovative (just lots of CG). Still the massive battle scenes were cool. The individual battles of Jedi vs. Sith were just as cheesy as the dialog with tons of flips and swirls that almost looked impressive but were actually a massively dumb way to fight. Overall, I’ll give E3:RotS 1 star out of 5 (vs. -24 for E1:tPM).

Conversation with a co-worker

Most Wednesdays, myself and a couple of co-workers will walk to the nearby dealer of our espresso fix, the Terrapin. Upon returning to the office today, one my co-workers chanced to remark:

This job has sucked every scrap of knowledge out of my skull and all of my will to live… Oooo bagels!


Like many wage slaves in the US today, I recently had to fill out a self-evaluation form. After doing so, I started to wonder what these useless time wasters would look like if both the employer & employee were being completely honest…
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What’s in your cup?

Adagio Teas

I’m normally a coffee drinker. Heck, let’s be honest here; I’m more than just a coffee drinker. I’m both a coffee addict and a coffee snob. I’ll gladly pay ~$5 for a well brewed cup of espresso with a shot of flavored syrup in it and I regularly buy fresh beans from Gevalia rather than try to choke down that crap my office claims is coffee.

But for all that, coffee is not my exclusive poision. Particularly in the warmer months, nothing is quite so refreshing as a cold glass of ice-tea. To make my ice-tea, I generally put 5 bags of Lipton into a 1 gallon glass jar and stick it in the window for a few hours. It’s slow, but it turns out wonderful. Why am I talking so much about this?

Well, I had been reading through the various blogs on my portal page, when I saw an interesting note over at shades*of*grey. He mentioned an interesting marketing technique from Adagio Teas. Far too interesting to resist in my book, so I’m linking them up here –and in my sidebar– hoping to get a freebie. 🙂

Expensive Day

I got my photos back from the film processing lab today and most of them turned out pretty good. Unfortunately, even with my telephoto lens I was too far away for the eagle pictures to turn out really well. You can sort of make out the eagle in a few of the shots, but not enough to make blowing them up worth while. *grumpf* On the bright side, some of the arty pictures turned out acceptably. Now I just have to scan in the best ones for my gallery (and enlargements made for Iwahara-san & Keki-san). I paid the extra cost on the photos to have them go through the Kodak processing instead of the normal Hy-Vee stuff and am I ever glad I did. The last couple of times I sent photos through just Hy-Vee; they came back looking like crap. The photos this time came back looking pretty much like what I saw when I took them (a few were a bit off, but I’m sure that’s my fault).

Oh and the other thing that happened today? I got my kilt & jacket in the mail, complete with the invoice. *urk* The kilt & jacket look great but the invoice is kind of scary. I could pay it off right now from my savings, but I like having a bit of a buffer in there and this would nearly wipe that out. *sigh* I’ve really got to learn to stop spending so much money. Ah well, this is all in a good cause but more info on that will appear on this site in due course. 😀

Update: For the curious, I bought my kilt through the Scots Dragon and the tartan for my kilt is Graham of Menteith.

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