Expensive Day

I got my photos back from the film processing lab today and most of them turned out pretty good. Unfortunately, even with my telephoto lens I was too far away for the eagle pictures to turn out really well. You can sort of make out the eagle in a few of the shots, but not enough to make blowing them up worth while. *grumpf* On the bright side, some of the arty pictures turned out acceptably. Now I just have to scan in the best ones for my gallery (and enlargements made for Iwahara-san & Keki-san). I paid the extra cost on the photos to have them go through the Kodak processing instead of the normal Hy-Vee stuff and am I ever glad I did. The last couple of times I sent photos through just Hy-Vee; they came back looking like crap. The photos this time came back looking pretty much like what I saw when I took them (a few were a bit off, but I’m sure that’s my fault).

Oh and the other thing that happened today? I got my kilt & jacket in the mail, complete with the invoice. *urk* The kilt & jacket look great but the invoice is kind of scary. I could pay it off right now from my savings, but I like having a bit of a buffer in there and this would nearly wipe that out. *sigh* I’ve really got to learn to stop spending so much money. Ah well, this is all in a good cause but more info on that will appear on this site in due course. 😀

Update: For the curious, I bought my kilt through the Scots Dragon and the tartan for my kilt is Graham of Menteith.


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Didn’t realize you were Scottish. You got a Bonny St. Andrew jacket to go along with the kilt, didja?

I actually got married in a kilt (gud ol’ Royal Stewart was what I and my brothers wore, all my groomsmen wore something called “Flower of Scotland”, since they couldn’t wear my family tartan). ‘Twas a lot of fun.

I’ve been meaning to get a sport kilt – they’re much, MUCH cheaper than the full up genuine article and look nearly as good. Just have to find a cheap source for sporrans and skein dubhs now. *grin*

Actually, I’m your typical American mutt; however a fair chunk of my ancestry is Scottish and it’s the most interesting part of my background. As for the jacket, I went for the Prince Charlie style and buying all this is in preparation for a special day, but I’m not going to say what just yet. 🙂

Regarding more inexpensive kilt, you might want to check out the Utilikilts. A guy I know swears by them. Yeah, sporrans are wicked expensive and I still need to get a one for formal events. *sigh*

Hmmm. You have Gravatar support turned on? I keep meaning to sign up for that. I may enable support for them when I upgrade my site to WP 1.5…

Yup, Gravatar support is enabled here. Thanks for the reminder, I’m working on rebuilding my site for WP 1.5. And I probably would have forgotten about adding that; if you hadn’t mentioned it.

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