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The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth….

The “geek” shall inherit the Earth…. because nobody else is willing to support that ancient hardware.

Heh, I forgot

It occured to me that I’d totally forgotten to post pictures from that (now) long ago trip to the Niabi zoo. I have finally posted a few of the images in the gallery. Unfortunately, when I was going through the pictures there were quite a few where my camera’s autofocus had grabbed onto the wrong subject. *sigh*

Pukka’s Links of the Week

It’s been a good week for interesting links…
From Pukka:

Not from Pukka:

What High School Stereotype Are You?

You are a Geek. You were probably laughed at in high school by all the popular kids. But don’t worry, we understand why you got lost in the fantasy world, and we are viciously beating those responsible for your insecurity.

Take the What High School Stereotype Are You? quiz.

Heh, no surprise in that result.

Did Bush REALLY Win?

Well, I gotta put this here too. I am trying to keep my political stuff mostly in the political groups, but you guys should probably know that there’s a strong possibility that the elections were hacked, and that as a result we have Bush. I don’t see this as a conservative or liberal issue. I see this as an integrity issue that ALL Americans should be concerned about. Our first clue should have been that the exit polls indicated almost the opposite of what happened.

For more of the above posting go give this a read.

If a post of a LiveJournal user isn’t good enough for you, try these sites on for size:

For exta fun, we have a report coming out of Cincinnati of how the election officials locked out the media “citing concerns about potential terrorism.”

County officials say they took the action Tuesday night for homeland security, although state elections officials said they didn’t know of any other Ohio county that closed off its elections board. Media organizations protested, saying it violated the law and the public’s rights. The Warren results, delayed for hours because of long lines that extended voting past the scheduled close of polls, were part of the last tallies that helped clinch President Bush’s re-election.

Call me a crackpot if you will, but I’m siding with the media on this one. There was no transparency in that count and the public’s right to know was violated by the Warren county election officials. Now let’s take a look at a couple of other snippets from the article:

A representative of The Associated Press, which had stringers at every Ohio board of elections site, said no such election-night access problems were reported outside of Warren County.

County Prosecutor Rachel Hutzel said commissioners “were within their rights” to restrict building access.
Having reporters and photographers around could have interfered with the count, she said.

Does it strike anybody else as odd that no other county in Ohio made any sort of notice about similar concerns? Or that not one other county had a problem with letting the media observe the count? According to Ms. Hutzel’s biography, posted on Warren County’s official website, she has been both the President and Treasurer of the Republican Women’s Club. Ms. Hutzel, if you don’t mind; please explain exactly how the media could have interfered?

Still not convinced that this election stinks? Go to Black Box Voting and see what they have to say about the security and tamperability of America’s electronic voting machines.

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