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Don Quixote: Savior of us All

XKCD: Strip# 556

Today’s XKCD is wondrous on so many levels. Below is a lower-resolution copy of the comic, which you can click to visit XKCD to see the full size if you wish.

Alternative Energy Revolution | XKCD

Snowblower Tech Support

You might be surprised at what you can figure out about your snowblower if you try. My level of mechanical expertise is a moderately complex Lego set, and yet I was able to diagnose & fix a problem with our snow blower earlier this winter.

The trick is to ignore the fact that you don’t know diddly-squat about what you’re doing and apply standard computer troubleshooting techniques…
1. Smack the device. Smack it HARD.
2. When Step 1 fails, swear loudly while pretending you’ve muted your phone.
3. Apologize for swearing.
4. Sacrifice a goat (or a chicken, but a goat is preferred).
5. If the sacrifice does not appease the angry snowblower gods, then try the other standard computer troubleshooting technique. Send it up to level2 support. :p

In response to I’m Not That Guy by Shawn Powers

Over The Kitchen Counter

The following events are true.  Names have not been changed to protect the innocent or guilty.

SCENE: McKibben household kitchen, lunch time.  Brats freshly cooked on the Foreman Grill are steaming slightly.  Plates with buns sit in front of the grill. Michelle stands between Mark and the refrigerator.  Michelle spins around, retrieves the ketchup and turns back to Mark.

MARK: “Squirt me baby.”

MICHELLE gives MARK a dirty look.

MICHELLE: “I don’t beat you enough.”


While watching the debate, I heard McCain smugly say “I have plans” and you know he’s right. He does have plans which this image (with a bit of paraphrasing) more accurately depicts.

Original image source

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