’s New Look and Gallery!

As you’ve probably noticed already; I’ve finally switched over to the new look that I’ve been working on for It’s not 100% finished but it’s close enough that I wanted to go ahead and make the switch. My thanks go out to Root for his Trident interface/template on which this new look is based. Sure, my implementation isn’t fancy but it’s a nice change from the old look and is more mine than any other look that I’ve used.

Also, I’ve finally opened my Gallery for your viewing pleasure. Currently, the only thing in there are a selection of photos that I took during my Japan trip. I’ll be adding more to it later.


Update: Err, I’ve noticed that the new look is busted up on my Portal page and on some of my posts. I’m working to correct that now.

Update 2: Oh and a word of caution, my gallery pages are massively picture heavy. I’ll see about sorting them out a bit later into smaller folders, but for now if you try viewing those pages over dial-up… You’ll be sitting there a while waiting for the thumbnails to load.

Update 3: I forgot to mention, my gallery is currently being powered by Paul Griffin’s Simple PHP Gallery

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