Ant-Boy, Issue: 00

From the creator who never brought you Deli-man…

From the artist who has yet to publish KoohiiKuma…

We bring you…

Ant-Boy? Ant-Boy?!?!? You can’t come up with a better name for me than Ant-Boy? Yeesh!





Dude, you’re so gonna get busted for sketching at work!

Oh and by the way draw me a @&#%*#$& mouth so I can say my lines already!

@&#%*#$& I hate working with amateurs!


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He’s a foul-mouthed little mouthless ant-thing, isn’t he? 😀

Ant-Boy replaces my “Sketch of the Week” this time. Also, as I have a couple more Ant-Boy bits drawn up that need just a bit of cleaning up; I expect that AB will replace the SotW for at least the next couple of weeks.

Who you callin’ “foul mouthed”, ya @&#%*#$& ghost horse?

omg, wow hes so cool, i know some1 we all call ant boy- he looks just like ur cartoon, well u know without the strange antenies(don’t think i spelt that quite right lol)

wow! Thats brilliant! All my friends call me ant boy (because I look like the ant from bugd life, flick, i think)and i think that a comic of myself would be amazing!! hahahahhaha

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