Dear Ms. Williams

Dear People

I have been given the task of getting links for our websites that have good page rank on the links directories.
In addition we have many categories so your site will be place on an appropriate page.

If you would like to trade links please send me your website details.
If you are not the right person please pass this on to your webmaster.

Best Regards,
Helen Williams

Dear Robotic Spammer (Ms. Williams),

Sites with good page ranks have them, in part, because they do not participate in shady deals like you are talking about. Additionally, on the completely unlikely chance that this was supposed to be a legitimate offer; spamming my email via my contact form and queuing up a a torrent of comment spam in my blogs moderation queue is NOT the way to get me to cooperate with you. In fact, all it will do is get you added to my email’s spam filters and added to my blog’s comment blacklist.

Best Regards,


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I just posted about the same problem on my blog 🙂

Whoever is selling these automated “link building” packages should be shot.


Shooting them would end their suffering far too quickly….

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