Dear Friend,

A friend of mine recently wrote talking about how she was feeling stressed out due to her job. She did so in by writing it as a hypothetical letter to “Divine Power That Is”. While I’m not a Divine Power; I’d still wanted to try writing something up to help her feel a bit better. Hopefully this works and to the friend in question here; if this posting doesn’t help…. Well, you’d best tell my wife so she can extract your revenge for you (or at least help you plan it). 🙂

For the rest of my readers who don’t know what I’m babbling about, don’t worry about it. You can just skip the rest of this entry.

Dear Friend,

I truly feel your pain, but there are limits to what I can do too. I gave humanity the gift of free will that every man and woman might find their own way through life. Some of you have used that gift well; others…. not so much. But really, we’re not corresponding like this to talk about me; we’re here to talk about you. You asked “Why does the buck of everyone else’s crisis stop with me….?”

Friend, through your use of free will; you have developed wit, charm, drive and a loving spirit. The buck stops with you because you want it to. A while back you saw a job opening in your workplace that would give you a chance to do good works and help a greater number of your fellow man. You knew it would not be an easy task, and unfortunately the task did turn out to be even more difficult than you had anticipated. I’m sorry things turned out that but I am grateful what you have done so far. I am also quite looking forward to what you’ll be doing in the future. I would like to promise you your work will go smoothly this year but the flipside of giving humanity free will is I cannot directly intervene. However I do have this bit of advice for you; the bible says I created the world in six days and then took a day of rest. The next time you are feeling overworked; remember if I’m allowed a day off, so are you.

Oh and as for that blessing you asked for…

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
And the rains fall soft upon your fields until we meet again.

~ Divine Power


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Thanks. I certainly do get the message. And I appreciate it.


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