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A comment I left over at ChuckVision: Six Teeth of Terror in response to their short discussion on television shows we all know/love/hate.

Technically, Firefly didn’t get even a full season. Only 14 episodes were shot and of those only 12 ever aired. Fortunately, the poo-heads decided include the “extra” episodes on the DVDs.

Also, why no mention of NBC’s hit series Heroes!?!? Or This Old House?!?!? Or A New Yankee Workshop?!?!? What kind of craptacular list is this?

And if you’ve not seen enough of the new Doctor Who to judge how good it is; well they’ve got it over at Netflix. I hear that those nasty internet pirates also put it online and people all over the world have been downloading/watching it.

Aeon Flux was some really twisted shit animation which never seemed to explain anything but was still entertaining to me when it originally aired on MTV.

ALF was a show I liked as a kid and now I wonder what kind of damage it did to my brain.

American Idol is a show that I depise but my wife loves. So I either get to listen to horrible singing or flee the room.

Boston Legal, at least the bits with James Spader and William Shatner, is fuckin’ hilarious.

Charmed started off interesting and then turned into a Gilmore Girls with magic. *belch*

Commander in Chief was fun to watch, but then they did their mid-season break and I lost interest. I wonder if it’s even still on the air?

Cowboy Bebop is a fabulous anime. We might even have a copy around (I’d have to check) to lend you; if you like. It’s got a similar western-in-space feeling to it like Firefly but also with a healthy dash of blues/jazz.

CSI: NY had the disadvantage of coming out after the networks had started beating the concept to death, but has more (in #s and quality) interesting characters than the original CSI.

Gundam Wing is crap. If you want a good anime series set in the Gundam universe, you want to watch Gundum 0083: Stardust Memories.

Lost is another show that I caught some of and liked but after their mid-season break, I found no desire to go back and watch more of it.

MacGyver is another favorite from my younger years.

Monk: Since we don’t get the USA network, I’ve seen this show like 4-5 times. However everytime I’ve seen it; it’s been really good.

NCIS is my favorite of the current crop of crime scene investigation shows. That wacky cast is what keeps me coming back week after week. 🙂

Quantum Leap is a show I remember watching and enjoying when I was younger. But that’s about all I remember about it now, still I think I’d like to revisit the show and watch it again.

Star Trek: Meh.

Star Trek: The Next Generation was a regular feature in our house when I was growing up.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Watched some of it, kind of liked it but never got attached.

Stargate Atlantis comes in again as a show I like to watch because I like the wacky characters.

Stargate SG-1 is the older sibling to Stargate Atlantis and seems to be tired & boring in comparison.

The Avengers, particularly the episodes with Diana Rigg as Emma Peel, was fabulous! Well worth the $$$ to get the box set!

The Mythbusters is a show that actually makes me think I should up my cable subscription to get more channels so I can watch it. Too bad I’m too cheap to do it for 1 show.

Twin Peaks was lovely in a severely twisted sort of way. A total cult classic.


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I can’t comment on many of your suggested, as I’ve never been blessed with cable. But without getting into too many iterations …

I should have mentioned Heroes. For that matter, I should have mentioned the first season of the new Doctor Who, though Doctor #2 doesn’t quite fill the shoes, and the jury is still out on how the series will turn out overall.

Boston Legal was suggested by my brother, specifically for how well Shatner’s specific type of genius shines through in that show. But as for James Spader — I watched half an hour of him on that show once, and concluded that even Bill in prime form is not worth sitting through that level of teflon smarm.

Okay, now that I’ve disagreed with your taste: I’ve often heard Cowboy Bebop recommended. I’d love to borrow it.

I never saw an episode of Lost until a month ago. Denise and I have rented our way through most of the first season, and if it stays as good as it seems, we will probably continue through to the present season. I haven’t seen enough to recommend it, though.

Taste is a funny thing. There really is no accounting for it. I have sat down with my wife and a friend and watched the first eight-or-so episodes of MacGyver recently, for the sole purpose of MST3K’ing them. Reliably and amusingly craptacular in plot-holes, production value, and contrivance.

Just to prove that I am a platinum card masochist, a while back I sat down with my wife and that same friend and watched the first season of Quantum Leap. My advice: cherish your memories of this show. Some things just don’t hold up.

I would also love to borrow some Avengers. And while we’re talking UK, I hope to eventually get Blake’s 7, despite the Doctor Whovian lack of good effects.

Twin Peaks was a wonderfully weird show. Not weird for the sole purpose of being weird, which is the mark of attention-whores of all stripes. But a good weird. Weird with a purpose.

IMO, New Who 2 never gets quite as good a New Who 1; however it’s still a fun show and worth watching.

Boston Legal’s best scenes are when Spader and Shatner are playing working with one another on camera.

Cowboy Bebop: Michelle tells me that we never did pick this one up so maybe you’ll have to try Netflix or something. Sorry. 🙁

I’d be happy to lend you The Avengers, just ask the next time you’re over.

Blake’s 7? You weren’t kidding about being a platinum card masochist. I remember seeing an episode or 2 of that on PSB ages ago and it was retched.

“Weird with a purpose.” I like that and it’ll make a good tag line for this site, so I’m stealing it for my own. Muhahahahaha! :p

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